• What is cosmetics?

    At present, there is no uniform definition of cosmetics in the world. According to the current EU cosmetic regulations, cosmetics are substances and preparations that contact with external organs (epi

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  • Rational understanding of cosmetic adverse reactions

    In daily life, cosmetics bring beauty to consumers, but some consumers use cosmetics, causing skin itching, erythema and other symptoms, which is the most common manifestation of cosmetic adverse reac

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  • What kinds of cosmetics are there in China?

    There are many kinds of cosmetics, but there is no unified classification method at present. This paper briefly introduces the main classification methods.(1) Classification by functionIt can be divid

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  • What is OEM cosmetics?

    OEM (original equipment manufacturer) means "OEM" or "OEM"; in the daily chemical industry, OEM is commonly known as "OEM" or "OEM". The consignor (distributor)

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