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What kinds of cosmetics are there in China?

2020-08-18 18:06:47 Joes 11

There are many kinds of cosmetics, but there is no unified classification method at present. This paper briefly introduces the main classification methods.

(1) Classification by function

It can be divided into special use cosmetics and non special purpose cosmetics (ordinary cosmetics). Cosmetics for non special purposes can be classified into clean cosmetics (such as cleansing cream, shampoo, shower gel, etc.), nursing cosmetics (such as make-up water, moisturizing lotion, etc.), and cosmetic cosmetics (such as eye shadow, rouge, lipstick, etc.).

(2) Classification according to the use position

Can be divided into skin cosmetics (such as cleansing oil, moisturizing cream, etc.), hair cosmetics (such as shampoo, perm, etc.), oral cosmetics (such as toothpaste, gargle, etc.), as well as nail cosmetics (such as nail polish, wash water, etc.).

(3) Classification by cosmetic dosage form

Can be divided into water products (such as perfume, make-up water, etc.), oil products (such as sunscreen, massage oil, hair oil, etc.), emulsion products (such as cleansing cream, moisturizing cream, moisturizing lotion, etc.), powder products (such as powder, talcum powder, etc.), bulk products (such as powder, rouge, etc.), suspension products (such as liquid foundation, etc.), surfactant solvent products (such as washing) Shampoo, hand washing, etc., gel products (such as cleansing gel, sleeping mask, etc.), aerosol products (such as hairspray, mousse, etc.), paste products (such as hair cream, paste mask, etc.), ingots (such as lipstick, etc.) and pen products (such as lip liner, eyebrow pencil, etc.).