Graphene mask OEMODM

Graphene mask OEMODMThe picture is only sample, accept the product customization, if you need to customize, please contact the service hotline: 1380 8889186The company has a variety of patent ingredie

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Graphene mask OEMODM

The picture is only sample, accept the product customization, if you need to customize, please contact the service hotline: 1380 8889186

The company has a variety of patent ingredients, raw material base endorsement to choose from.

All products can be customized according to the requirements, free proofing, agent filing and inspection, one-stop service, so that you can easily have your own brand. Please contact us for details

Guangzhou Xu Lin cosmetics Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. specializes in OEM/ODM OEM, mainly produces products: mask, cleanser, essence, emulsion, cream, essential oil, sunscreen and other skin care products.

Main products and services: cosmetics OEM/ODM processing, skin care products OEM/ODM OEM, mask OEM/ODM processing, skin care set OEM OEM, etc.

Main customer group: cosmetics merchants, brand merchants, cosmetics distributors, agents, wechat merchants, live broadcast, etc

Cosmetics OEM Project

OEM lotion, cream, spice, essence, gel, film, face wash, make-up water, moisturizing milk, mask, foundation, massage cream, soft film powder, essential oil, shampoo, hair care, bath, moisturizing, replenishment, nutrition, whitening, regeneration, oil control, wrinkle resistant, anti allergy, sunscreen, detoxification, freckle, acne, breast enhancement, body shaping, body products,

Welcome to call to discuss, welcome people from all walks of life to our company consultation, negotiation, investigation.

Guangzhou Xulin Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a large-scale cosmetics company integrating cosmetics R & D, planning, production, brand trusteeship and service. It is specialized in cosmetics OEM / ODM processing service, with top beauty formula expert team, which has passed iso2716 / GMPC / ISO9001 certification, and has advanced production equipment and one

Flow production environment, in which the laboratory, raw material room, filling room, inner packaging material disinfection storage room and changing room adopt 300000 class air purification standard. The production workshop can effectively remove 99.9% of bacteria in the air and ensure that all products are manufactured and packed in a safe and pollution-free environment. To meet different demands of production,

With a daily production of tens of thousands of pieces, the company has a GMP 100 million pharmaceutical standard production workshop, and its agent processing products cover facial cosmetics, skin care products, eye products, children's products, health care products, body care products, facial products, skin care products / stock solution, etc., with perfect finished product storage and logistics distribution, it is a major brand agent and OEM processing, processing and distribution

Brand OEM is the first choice of safe cooperation.

Cosmetics OEM ODM processing labeling

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